Our journey starts here where every day we BREAK INTELLIGENT STORIES FOR THE CURIOUS MIND. We want to educate the people with true and knowledgeable facts from and around the world.

Omni Pundit gives you the platform to break your story and share your opinion. Whether its a factful video or some breath taking pictures, we always welcome a true pundit. If you want to contribute to the society with your innovative ideas and knowledge then it’s time to write for us. If you are an Indian citizen you can write about the problems you faced while you were in India and also can share your good joyful experiences with your country men.

We invite the youth of India to contribute their unbiased opinions about the current economic, political and socioeconomic issues to develop our country. We invite teachers for educating the nation to bring empowerment of women and to develop self-confidence and honesty among ourselves. Bloggers are also invited to share their blog articles with us. Please remember that we are always looking for a TRUE PUNDIT.

In order to tell your story, you need to register with a valid e-mail address. Register on Omni Pundit Network by clicking here.

Style sheet and suggestions for articles contributed to Omni Pundit:

  • Use a catchy title for your article(5-12 words)
  • Write your articles in short paragraph and follow basic English grammar. Avoid grammatical mistakes.
  • You can make the content satirical and can add humor but don’t submit jokes or funny things.
  • Submit your article only under one category; you can use “Tags” (4-5 in numbers) if you want your article to refer to other categories also.
  • You can insert pictures or videos in your post from the text editor. You need to get used with the Word Press publishing style. Use pictures which are your own and not taken from anywhere in the internet. Articles with copyrighted content and images will not be published.
  • You can save your draft and can come back and finish it.
  • You can link your blog/Twitter/Facebook profile or can also mention it at the end of your article.
  • Once you submit the draft it will go through our spam check process and will then be published.
  • You are encouraged to write on topics/events that are known to a larger society.
  • Articles contributed by you won’t get published immediately. They will be manually approved after spam check and relevant content. Please write to  if you face any problem with article submission.

Please note that the article published on Omni Pundit can be modified upon approval from the writer who will maintain the full credits of the article. If you find any serious copyright violation or any other faults in the articles published please email us at with details. Below are more details and guidelines to know what we expect.

Article Writing Guidelines

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