5 Diet Books by Indian Authors That All Health Enthusiasts Must Read

    We live in the times where every day we are bombarded with countless stories on the internet, magazines and newspapers on different ways to remain fit. Losing weight has become a prerequisite desire for almost all Indians these days. But the amount of contradictory information being thrown at us can often be confusing. Which tip to follow? Which one to ignore?

    Here, we have listed five diet books by Indian authors that all health enthusiasts must read. The language is easy and the tips cater to an Indian context. Hence, these books can really work wonders for you. Read on.

    Don’t lose your mind lose your weight by Rujuta Diwekar: Rarely does one come across such a diet book which is so refreshingly genuine and yet educative at the same time. Rujuta Diwekar – a nutritionist and fitness expert from Mumbai – tells us everyday diet tips in a very simple and lucid language that everyone can relate to. This is the reason that this book has been such a humongous success. The great thing about the book is that it doesn’t preach but just gives us simple tips – like take a meal after every two hours, don’t overeat, don’t count your calories, and exercise daily for about 30-40 minutes. There are, of course, plenty of other helpful pointers about our food habits and the kinds of food we should consume. Rujuta’s book is like a diet Bible for Indians and must be kept in all homes.

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    Losing It: Making Weight Loss Simple by Dhruv Gupta: We often get conflicting information on the internet and in newspapers on tips to lose weight. ‘Losing It’ gives very cogent and insightful pros and cons of healthy foods, edibles which are supposedly ‘healthy’ and of different exercises and beverages. The tips offered by the author are very simple and can be included in one’s daily lifestyle with relative ease. Apart from this, the book also helps you in knowing the ways in which you can gain nutrition and the kind of daily foods you should consume for it. Extremely informative and user-friendly. Should not be missed.

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    Don’t Diet! by Kavita Devgan: As the title of the book suggests, the author – a nutritionist –here clearly pleads us not to diet to lose weight. Her philosophy is simple: Learn the importance of staying healthy without compromising on your diet. Each chapter has inputs on how to go slow and make easy lifestyle changes. The book primarily focuses on the different healthy habits that thin people tend to follow and covers various aspects of weight management as well.  There are also several cool recipes and easy workouts in the book. Throughout the ‘Don’t Diet’, the author stresses on how your eating habits can influence your body, mind and soul. What really helps is that Kavita Devgan takes up a very reassuring and friendly voice which will help you connect to her.

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    The Eat Right Prescription by Muffazal Lakdawala: Celebrity nutritionist Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala has penned this book which has instantly connected with a lot of people. The author reminds us in the book that we are in complete charge of our own body. All we have to do is to respect it properly. By working out regularly, eating a balanced diet, and managing your work-life balance, we can have a healthy lifestyle, says the book. The best thing about ‘The Eat Right Prescription’ is that it is very easy to read and offers plenty of practical advice that can be comfortably inculcated in our daily life. Additionally, it also gives you various healthy and tasty recipes which you can easily prepare yourself. After reading this book, eating will both be fun and healthy for you.

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    The Baby Elephant Diet: A Modern Indian Guide To Eating Right by Ravi Mantha: Penned by health guru Ravi Mantha, ‘The Baby Elephant Diet’ demystifies several myths and notions surrounding the Indian food and diet regimes. Since a baby elephant eats plenty of fibre, the author asks us to start our day by consuming lots of fibre. The book is pleasant to read and has a strong Indian context; the veggies and fruits mentioned here can be easily found in your local market.  Refreshingly, the author does not force a salad and fruit diet on you and neither does he tell us to follow a strict diet regimen. Instead, he asks us to make small changes in our diet which can really have a profound effect. The primary emphasis of the book is on eating right rather starving oneself and eating insipid food. “Food is meant not just for the body, it also nourishes the soul,” says Ravi in the book. That, in effect, summarizes it perfectly.

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