Here Are the 4 Funniest Run-Outs Ever Seen In Cricket

Cricket is known to be a very intense and nerve-wrecking game. At times, it results in extreme tense moments. However, there are incidents in this sport, where some hilarity ensues; without really being intended for. 

Run-outs in cricket can at times be extremely comical and bizarre; even though the batsmen may not agree. Throughout history various batsmen have fallen victim to this dismissal; often times in unusual and comical ways. Here is a list of four such run-outs which will leave you chuckling.

AB De Villiers vs Zimbabwe: This one was really hard to believe. ABD is one of the best players of the world and he made a complete mockery of himself here. The ball, bowled by a relative medium-pacer, was tucked around the corner by AB in this ODI in 2014. But without even glancing at the ball, he set off for a run; without realizing that he had hit the ball just behind the stumps; right next to the standing wicket-keeper. Richmond Mutumbami picked up the ball and cleaned the bails before the batsman could realize what had happened. When De Villiers realized his mistake he just shook his head but it really resulted in one of the funniest run-outs ever!

Mohammad Haheez vs Sri Lanka: This happened during the 2011 World Cup and was the perfect example of hara-kiri by both the batsmen and the fielders. Pakistani batsman Mohammad Haeez swept a ball from Muttiah Muralitharan towards Mahela Jayawardene who was at short fine leg. Mahela fielded the ball and immediately threw it to the keeper Kumar Sangakkara. All this while Hafeez was looking at the ball while the non-striker Kamran Akmal charged in for a run. By the time Sangakkara had collected the ball, both the batsmen were at the same crease. The alert keeper then threw the ball to the bowler, who missed it. Seeing this, Hafeez tried to take off but then he noticed that the ball was returned to the bowler and the bails were taken off. He tried to return to his batting crease and there was confusion as to who, if at all, was out. After long deliberation, it was Hafeez who was ruled out in this rather bizarre incident.

Virender Sehwag vs Sri Lanka: Sehwag was known to be an eccentric player and here he proved why once again. After cutting the ball off Lasith Maling to fine-leg, Sehwag ambled to a run, while practicing the shot he had just played. He kept practicing nonchalantly, even as he was just inches away from the stumps. By this time, the ball had reached the alert keeper, Kumar Sangakkara who noticed Sehwag and immediately threw the ball at his end and hit the stumps. The third-umpire was called for and Sehwag was found short of the crease by inches. A flummoxed Sehwag was left scratching his head as the Sri Lankans celebrated in glee.  

Misbah-Ul-Haq vs India: It’s a crime to get run-out in a Test match and even more so if you do it this way. In this Test match between India and Pakistan from 2007, Misbah played a shot to the cover fielder and ambled across for a run. He was just inside his crease when the cover fielder – Dinesh Karthik – threw the ball at his end. Misbah saw the ball and jumped in the air, with both legs up, to avoid getting hit by the ball. The result? The ball hit the stumps and Misbah had no part of his body on the cease and hence was declared run-out. The Indians were delirious and Misbah was left fuming; resulting in a hilarious and one of the most bizarre run-outs ever.

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